The Dirty Blind Man

The Dirty Blind Man

Template File

2 Cord Single Spring Centered

2 Cord 2 Spring Attached at end caps

2 Spring Template

2 Cord 1 Spring Top Down Bottom Up

3 Cord 1 Spring Offset

3 Cord 2 Springs Attached at End Caps

3 Cord 1 Spring Template

4 Cord Most Typical Style

4 Cord 2 Spring Version 1

4 Cord 2 Spring version 2

4 Cord 2 Spring Version 3

4 Cord 2 Spring Version 4

4 Cord 4 Spring Version 5

4 Cord 3 Spring Version 6

4 Cord Template

4 Cord 4 Rail Bottom Spring

4 Cord 4 rail Bottom Spring Template

4 Cord Top Down Bottom up 4 Cord Retainers

5 Cord Day Night Shade

6 Cord 2 Spring

6 Cord 2 Spring Template

Learn Basic to Advanced RV Shade Repair

RV Shade Repair with Windows Movie Player

CD Contains

Section 1: 2 Cord Day Night Shade Repair 2 Examples

Section 2: 3 Cord night Shade Rebuild

Section 3: 4 Cord Day Night Shade Rebuild

Section 4: 4 Rail Day Night Shade Rebuild

Section 5: 6 Cord Day Night Shade Rebuild

Section 6: 6 Cord Day Night Residential Style Rebuild

Section 7: Brackets and Hardware

Section 8: Damaged Top Rail Removal

Section 9: Fabric Tear Repair

Section 10: Bushing Replacement

Section 11: Handle Removal

Section 12: Cording Patterns

RV Shade Repair CD

Step by Step Instructions

Done using pictures of shades to show the best way and most detail of repairs. Using media player to view and advanced templates you will be an expert on shade repair. Start with the 2 cord shade and advancing through the movie you will understand the principals of shade repair. The included template file has detailed diagrams for most of the shades you will find in coaches today. Day night shade are easy to repair in the future as the basic ideas are the same in most window coverings. The first shade will take time however future shade repair time should be cut in 1/2 or less.

2 cord shades may take 1/2 or 3/4 of an hour to repair but future repairs can be accomplished in as little as 15 to 20 min.

4 Cord shade are not more complicated, it is just the size that is different.

Basic hand tools are all that are required. No "stringing" needle is required as we supply the highest quality cord. It simply pushes through the existing route holes.

Following the instructions will ensure years of trouble free use.