This is caused by the wrong cord, having the coach parked with one side towards the sun and too much tension. This has caused the track to warp.

We also have a fix for this problem. No need to buy a new shade.

How do I remove a pleated shade?

Pleated shade may installed using brackets or they may have screws though the head rail.

Brackets are white and also have a tab behind the shade. Use your thumb as the brackets are plastic and will break if to much pressure is used.

If screws are used they may run through the front of the head rail. This style tends to have wooden head rails. Normally there are 3 screws.

Is there heavier cord I can re-string the shade with? 

I have had customers request fishing line to steel cable. Size and quality does matter. Correct cord is essential.

The day / night shade itself is a fantastic design, when set up properly the shade preforms perfectly.

I spent 17+ years fixing shades, most manufactures use "string". String has a cotton jacket and frays over time. Especially when the shade is to tight.

We manufacture our own cord that is made to last and is the perfect size. Some people are confused about the size. 0.9 mm cord is normally used in cellular shades, 1.2 mm is normally used in mini blinds and 1.4 mm is normally used in wood blinds. We manufacture the perfect size cord for the right application, cord that is not just purchased from a window covering dealer or manufacturer.

FAQ's / Help

How do I remove the shade?

Most Day / Night shades will be held in place using standard metal tab brackets. These will require a slight flexing of the bracket to release the shade. They can be released by inserting a slot head screw driver between the head rail on the shade and the tab on the bracket. With the screw driver in position all that is needed is a slight twist of the screw driver.

Black or brown plastic brackets will have a thicker tab and only require use of your thumb to flex the bracket. Remember to be careful, the plastic can break.

Do I need to remove the valance, if so how do I do this?

Most of the time the valance does not need to be removed.

Valances are held in place by 4-7 screws (Phillips (Star Heads Screws))

There are several way a valance is attached the the wall of the coach. "L" brackets are common and are located on the inside of the valance. one screw into the valance and one into the wall. Remove the screw that goes into the valance. This should be a small screw. 

If no brackets are visible, there will be screws under the head rail of the shade into the cabinet above ( this will require the shade to be removed). There will be one screw on each side at the bottom of the valance on a 45 degree angle (like toe nailing). It may be hidden in the folds of the fabric.

The Dirty Blind Man

What if I need more help?

We provide expert technical assistance with 17+ years experience. Any problem you may have we have seen before. Our toll free number is available from 8am to 5pm Monday thru Friday. Saturday 8am to 12pm. This is Central Standard Time.

Email questions are answered as soon as possible however it may be 8 to 12 hours before you receive a response.

Why is the shade difficult to operate?

The shade has to much tension on the cord and may wear out the bushings and break. If the shade is to loose it may slowly drop down by itself.

Installation is not difficult however correct tension will effect the life of the cord.

The truth! how hard is to repair the shade?

Repair of the shade is actually easier than everyone may think. If you watch the repair CD and follow the directions it will be easier. The first shade will take a little time, however the second shade should take 1/2 the time. By the third shade you should be an expert.

I always suggest replacing all bushings and cord. Replacing just the broken cord will cause you to repair the shade again. Once the shade is repaired using our methods and parts you should never have to repair the shade again.

The 2 cord shade is the best to learn on. The 4 cord shade may be considered more difficult however this is only because of the size. The basic principles are the same.

2 cord shade repair is the same method as replacing a shoe lace in a tennis shoe.

This is the effect of using the wrong cord. The bushing has worn on the side and the string has now ripped through the shade. The Cd we provide shows you how to fix this problem. No need to buy a new shade.

How much cord is in a shade?

How to calculate the amount of cord needed to repair a shade.

Why is the shade crooked?

There are 3 reasons why the shade may be crooked.

1. The shade is not square, cord retainers and head rial are offset.

2. Missing end caps on the middle rail.

3. The center springs may have shifted during installation. Masking tape during repair will solve this problem.

The Dirty Blind Man