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DBM Replacement Nylon Bushing.

Worn Bushing

Pleated Shade Bracket

This unlocks at the back of the bracket. Use care as this is plastic and will break when to much pressure is used.

​I use a finger rather than a screw driver.

Tab Bracket Removal / Install

This is the hook bracket. Using a slot head screw driver unlock the shade at the back with a slight twist. The shade will install using the revers method. Hook the shade at the front and rotate backward till you hear a "click".

Tab Brackets

2 Cord Shade have 2 brackets

4 Cord Shade Normally have 3

Left is the hook bracket

Right is the lip bracket

Center Bracket

Normally this is used to center the shade before 2 screws are installed.

The screws are normally Phillips Head screws (Star head).

They are approx. 1/2 inch from the ends of the shade and are installed directly through the shade into the valance box. These are plastic and do not flex. Just pull froward on the head-rail after screws are removed.

Dirty Blind Man RV Motorized Shade Repair Instructions..

Dirty Blind Man RV Shade Removal Instructions

Dirty Blind Man RV Shade Installation Instructions

Worn Cord

This is what the shade cord will look like if the tension is to tight and bushings are worn. Usually at the middle rail bushings.This may also be due to a worn bottom rail end cap.

Mini Blind Bracket

This is the bracket over the sink.

Using the slot head screw driver, unlock by pulling froward on the clear tab. This will unlock the shade.


The Dirty Blind Man

The Dirty Blind Man