Shade Repair


The Dirty Blind Man

If you would rather have us repair your shades. Just box up and ship.

Key Benefits

New Cord

New Bushings (we replace all bushings)

New Cord Retainers

Set up for installation.


2 Cord Shade $20.00

4 Cord Shade $25.00

5 & 6 Cord Shade $35.00


2 Cord Shade $5.00

4 Cord Shade $10.00

5 & 6 Cord Shade $15.00


Close the shade and tie shut using rubber bands.

Tip: Local window covering stores, install shades every day and throw away the boxes. These are perfect for shipping and the shade store would normally be glad to provide at no cost.

Please email us for shipping address.

Ship to us using USPS Priority.

This is usually the least expensive and provides a tracking number.

Please email us and let us know they are coming and the tracking number.

Normal turn around is 72 hours.

We will invoice you once the shades have return tracking number.

Questions or concerns just let us know.

The Dirty Blind Man

The Dirty Blind Man